Latest News and Updates

Guide Snapshot

Added a Guide Section

Added a section of Helpful Guides, Diagrams and other Restoration Information.

link snapshot

Added a Links Section

Added a new external link section of Restoration Sites that sell parts and/or offer useful Information.

tooltip snapshot.

Added Some ToolTips to the Site

Added some ToolTips to the site, hopefully they are not too annoying and add some value.

Assorted Parts

Rear Items Purchased and Waiting to be installed.

Overtime I Purchased some items to complete the rear of the car. I am not sure what else is needed, but I will post images of those items in the new gallery.

Gallery Snapshot

How far did I get?

Keep an eye on the Gallery if you want to see how much work was done, specifically the Rot and Removal section.

December's Weather 2017

Had to Slow Down my Progress.

Well due to the weather I had to stop working on the car, in the meantime I will continue to work on the site and figure out what my next steps are.

Site Snapshot

This Site

This website is a work in progress, so please bear with me if something is unfinished and/or does not work properly.

Gallery Snapshot

Gallery Added

Trying out a new Album/Gallery, we shall see how that goes.